At Flex Technologies quality is the everyday standard. It's been that way since our founding in 1975. Now with six locations and over 400 employees, Flex is dedicated to providing optimum quality and cost efficiency in thermoplastics, thermoplastic assemblies, push/pull cables, vacuum harnesses, emissions harnesses and more.

From prototype to production, Flex has what it takes to help bring a product from concept to reality. Engineering, designing, testing, molding, extruding and assembling. We handle it all to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained while providing the quickest possible turn-around.

The bottom line? Flex is dedicated to giving customers what they need most from suppliers. Experience. Preparation. Know-how. Quality assurance. Advantages you want and need from a partner in innovation.
5479 Gundy Drive, PO Box 400, Midvale, Ohio 44653
(740) 922-5992 Fax (740) 922-4416

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